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Alyssa Lima is an actress, singer/songwriter, dancer, and host based in Los Angeles, CA.

She played the role of Maya in Sony Pictures "Cross: Rise of the Villains with Brian Austin Green and Danny Trejo. For the film, "In the Deathroom," based on a story by Stephen King, she was a producer and played the conniving Agent Olsen. On top of winning numerous awards in its festival run, Stephen himself watched the film and gave it his stamp of approval. Recently, she wrapped on a YA Vampire series produced by Love XO Studios, where she played the main vampire villainess. This show is under NDA and is currently being shopped to various high-profile distribution companies. Alyssa has also hosted a variety of projects, from live events , scripted talk shows and podcasts.

In addition to being to a performer, Alyssa is a major nerd. She grew up watching animes like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Sailor Moon, reading comics like Spider-Girl and X-Men, and playing video games on her Xbox, like Halo. Her current video game obsession is League of Legends, where she is an ADC main. Alyssa has also dived into the foray of tabletop gaming. She has now played multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. In her current campaign, she plays Aniaya, a Chatoic Neutral Astral Elf classed as a Death Dancer Rogue!

Since childhood, she has trained as an actor, singer, and dancer. During her time in LA, she has trained across many acting studios, covering Scene Study, Improv, Cold Reading, Meisner, and more. Currently, she trains weekly with Charles Carpenter at the Story Teller's Conservatory.

Across her social platforms, she has over 400K followers. She creates content around dancing, singing, and fashion with a fantasy twist. Make sure to hit that follow button for all the fun!

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